Holy Instant Pot Batman!

cheesecakeDo you have an Instant Pot? Never heard of it or already own one and are afraid of it? Maybe you own one and love, love, love it like I love mine. Check them out Instant Pot and learn what you can do with this amazing and very safe appliance.

So, I received my IP as a gift from my wonderful Mother (thanks Mom!!) because she’d heard me complain more than a hundred times about forgetting to take something out for dinner. I am the Queen of Forgetting I have to cook dinner! Very frustrating.

Anyway, yesterday as is typical, I failed to take anything out of the freezer to cook for dinner. What did I do? I grabbed some frozen chicken breasts, green chili salsa and seasonings and put it all in my instant pot with a little chicken stock and in half an hour (20 minutes of cooking time) I had chicken chili verde tacos for my family. Seriously – from nothing to Chicken Chili Verde tacos in the same time it takes for me to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory. Who doesn’t love that? I even make cheesecake in it (see photo above).

My recommendation is to get an Instant Pot, create a Pinterest account and then peruse the hundreds of IP recipes on the site. It will change your life. I promise.

You can thank me later.


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