TGIF! Yessssss. For those that work a basic 8-5 job this is the best day of the week. At least in my world it is. By the time Friday rolls around I’ve had it with just about everything or everyone and just want to escape the insanity of the workplace for a little saner home and a tasty beer or two. Tonight is bread making night – as I used the end of my last batch at breakfast this morning. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and my joints suck. They are sore quite a bit of the time so using my hands to stir batter, knead bread for long periods of time, etc. is not on my to-do list.

Instead, I use my handy, dandy Kitchenaid mixer. You can check them out here: I have a pretty Iced Lilac model (4.5 qt. pictured) and use the heck out of it. I’ll never hand stir anything again. The bread recipe that is my go-to, because it’s simple and super yummy and versatile, is this one: from Pinterest. I use this recipe for bread, focaccia, pizza crust, pretzel sticks, bread sticks. Everything! Check out my Pinterest page (Bread board) for all sorts of great bread-type recipes.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful the Kitchenaid Mixer is. Total life changer. You will love it and your family will love it. Trust me. And if you want to help out a fellow blogger order yours via the Life is NOYOKE site. Great folks who share my love of this great mixer.

You can thank me later.


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