Life Rushing By. Or is it?

Seems like the older I get the faster time flies by. I remember vividly when both my boys were born. I can almost feel them in my arms – squirming and screaming – like it was last week. But it wasn’t last week. My oldest “baby” is going to be 18 in July and will be starting college in the fall. My real “baby” is almost 12 and in middle school. And you know what? Although physically my body feels really old some days (chronic autoimmune disorders be damned!!) I personally do not feel older. It’s like the world around me is aging and life is trucking along while I move through life as others get older and life changes around me. It’s an odd paradox – getting old but not feeling like time has lapsed.

It’s the same with my husband. Some days it feels like we’ve known each other forever and then other times I cannot believe how long we’ve been together. Trying to wrap my head around the two makes me tired. Ha ha. I guess I really am getting old. Or should I say, older? Since 50 is the new 40 I’m feeling pretty spry and youthful. I hope you are as well. Life has a way of sneaking up on us when we turn our backs and then when we hear the door creak closed and jerk around we see that our parents are in their 70’s and our children are grown and having families of their own.

All I can say is that we should each embrace our time on earth, with the people that matter, doing the things we love with abandon. You never know when you’ll look up and time will no longer be abundant. Regret is an ugly thing. Don’t go there. LIVE!

And Love.




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