DST Bites!

I know I’m not alone in my opinion. I don’t think I know anyone personally that actually thinks DST should still be “a thing”. For me it’s more than just having to remember to turn the clock back or forward (depending on the season) – it’s the way it screws with my body. Maybe it’s psychological. Could be. But what I do know is that it takes me a few weeks to fully adjust and not feel completely exhausted after a time change. And it doesn’t matter whether I gain or lose an hour – my body reacts the same. Getting up and to work is the biggest challenge of the month on the Monday after the change. And for someone with Fibromyalgia it can lead to the type of bodily stress that causes a flare. And then – all bets are off – life is rough for weeks. My vote is to put an end to DST or make the Monday following the change into a mandatory paid day off!



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