It’s Spring Break. Well, not for me – I work all week – but for my kids it is. Now I remember the stone age when I was in school and actually got time off from school with zero responsibilities, zero homework, zero expectations. Those were the days before cell phones, iPads, DVR’s, internet, or satellite TV but they were better. Why? Because we had to get out of the house, we had to find something to do. We were expected to be out and about with our friends riding our bikes, going to the movies, to the park, to the schoolyard. Anywhere but at home or at Grandma’s vegging on the couch with a phone in one hand and the TV playing in the background.

My kids are funny. They can’t wait for a break from school but as soon as it actually arrives they are bored. What? Bored? How can that be? I cannot even fathom having an entire day to myself to do as I pleased and then complaining about it. EVER. My youngest is especially bad. He has more Legos than any kid should ever have (that is a whole other post), an iPad, books galore, a PS4, WiiU, PSP – you name it – yet the first thing out of his mouth when Dad and I get home is “I’m bored”. I just look at him and tell him to find a book to read. That is what I would be doing if I didn’t have to cook dinner, do laundry, clean the kitchen, etc. He’s lucky and he doesn’t even know it. I tell him so every chance I get. Doesn’t help, but I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face if I have to.

I’ll take his spring break and really enjoy it. Book in one hand, beer in the other. THAT is what my day off will look like. I hope if you have a spring break that you are enjoying it and don’t find yourself bored. If you are – read a book! Can’t go wrong with a good book. And enjoy!


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