True . . .

I have been thinking a lot about music lately. I LOVE listening to music and do so all day while working. I grew up listening to all kinds of music. It started (as far as I can remember) hearing bands like The Turtles and One Dog Night while driving with my Dad in his car. Every time I hear the song “One” or “Happy Together” I fondly remember my Father, who passed away when I was 18. My Mother, on the other hand, enjoyed Rod Stewart, Lobo, ELO, & Dr. Hook. Her best friend was and still is a huge Journey fan.

Fast forward to afternoons spent at my Grandmother’s, being babysat by my aunts and listening to The Supremes, Jackson 5 and other Motown favorites. They’d make my cousins and I sit on the top bunk of their beds and watch them dance. Yay for us! LOL! They also introduced us to Soul Train and American Bandstand, both of which I loved watching.

I remember in elementary school being like every other girl in the country and having a huge crush on Shaun Cassidy. Aside from that obsession I very much loved Elton John and listened to all his music (still do). Other than Elton I don’t remember much about music or my tastes when I was this young, but Elton has been a constant.

Junior High brought to me Casey Kasem’s America’s Top 40 and my love of music really blossomed. I listened to the popular stuff of the day. All the late 70’s/early 80’s music but what, to this day, brings back amazing memories of Junior High are Journey “Escape”, REO Speedwagon “Hi Infidelity”,  AC/DC’s “Back in Black” & Queen’s “The Game” about sum up my Jr. High experience and memories and people flood into my mind whenever a song from any of them plays on the radio or my own iPhone. They are still among my favorite albums, not just for their nostalgic qualities either.

High School, College and my 20’s didn’t alter my musical tastes much. I still listened to all the popular music of the time (Top 40 pop/rock mostly) and really continued to love Journey. But I also really was influenced by what I saw on MTV, which was fairly new at the time (college age). That was when they actually played videos! What a concept. Ha ha. I listened to Prince, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Spandau Ballet – that sort of music. I liked it all and begin to also listen to and love alternative music like The Cure, The Smiths and my all-time favorite – Erasure. I love the synthesized beats and sounds. I also, during my mid to late 20’s started listening to country music and still enjoy country artists from that time period (think Goerge Jones, Dwight Yoakum, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Alabama). I don’t listen to much current country music though, although Florida Georgia Line are good.

Now, I’m an old lady (51) but still listen to music all day while I’m working and a good song gets me rocking in my chair or putting my desk into the “stand” position and rocking out. My current loves are Little Big Town’s “Better Man”, Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and anything Journey or Erasure. My kids have grown up listening to Mom’s music in the car and around the house and I hope it is helping them to appreciate all kinds of music and broadening their musical horizons like listening to my Dad, Mom and Aunt’s music broadened mine.

Music is a gift and something that makes me very, very happy. On this Friday pull out your musical library and listen to something you haven’t listened to in awhile or go onto YouTube and look up Erasure and listen to “Solsbury Hill” or “Always“. Great tunes and I think you’ll enjoy them. If not go on Pandora and create a station. Plug in a song you like and let Pandora do the rest. Nothing will introduce you to music like Pandora will. I love Pandora for precisely that reason.

Go. Listen. Enjoy! And have a fabulous Friday.


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