But I Have Vacation That Day!

So next Friday is Cesar Chavez Day and living in California it’s a State holiday. I work for the State (in a sense) so I have the day off. Banner day for hubby and me because while we have the day off work our kidlets do NOT have the day off from school. Hallelujah! A day off with just the hubby.

Anyway, that is not what this post is about. That is the good part! So, in an attempt to be away from work as much as I can while still being a productive member of my department and getting all my work done I took the Thursday before Cesar Chavez Day off so that my three-day weekend would turn into a four-day weekend. How great sounding is that? Pretty great, right? Yep, that’s what I was thinking too. Once I got the husband to work and kids to school I was going to have time all to myself. Did you hear that? All. To. Myself. This is a phenomenon that never, ever occurs in my life. The only time I have alone is bathroom time and grocery store time. Period. I wish I was kidding. Sadly, I am not.

So, what has come up to ruin my perfectly planned out and wonderfully calming day to myself? WORK! Just today I get a meeting request for a long-standing project that deals directly with a very important work function of mine (recruiting). I’ve been working as a member of the lead team on this project since last July. I’ve attended every meeting, in person and web-based. I have worked on many, many projects and taken on huge tasks in an effort to get the project off the ground.

Fast-forward to today when this important meeting request came through. It’s a “you are required to be here in person or attend on the web”. In person is a 6 hour drive or two hour drive coupled with a 2 hour flight. That is out of the question on this late notice and I wouldn’t want to do that anyway. So that leaves me with one option. Interact in the meeting via a web-based call. BUT I’M OFF THAT DAY!!!!!

The one freaking day I take off and will be off BY MYSELF I get this darn meeting request. I mean, seriously? It’s too important to miss but I’m soooo frustrated that the ONE day I wouldn’t want the meeting to be scheduled – it is scheduled.

I accepted. Of course. And now, in the middle of my nice peaceful day to myself I will be hooking up to my laptop and participating in a 3 hour interactive web-call.

And  I’ll be whining about it to my husband in the week leading up to it. Ha ha. Poor guy – I almost feel sorry for him. Not quite, but almost.

Maybe I’ll have more success the next time I try to take a day off.

To you I wish a wonderful evening!


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