I Like Beer. A Lot.


I must confess something right here and now. I like beer. A lot. I love a good Pilsner, Pale Ale, IPA, Porter or Stout. I love going to a bar or local beer shop and looking for something new and exciting from both a familiar brewery or a new up and coming brewer.

I live in the town where Sierra Nevada Beer was born and still resides full-time. So I am able to get any one of SN’s offerings fresh from the tap any time I’d like. And there are beers available on-site that will never be sold elsewhere, which is kind of cool.

I also live about 10 miles from New Clairvaux Monastery. The Monk’s grow grapes and make their own wine. And it’s good wine. I like wine too – just not as much as beer. Anyway, the Monk’s (Cistercian Order) collaborated with Sierra Nevada to brew a Belgium Style Ale in three styles, using locally procured ingredients. This gem of a beer is called Ovila and is truly amazing. I am a fan of Belgium brews, with my favorite being Chimay. If you’ve never had a Chimay, this is a must try. Seriously this the the beer I buy when i am treating myself. Red, Blue or Creme – they are all fantastic and also brewed by Monks. As a Catholic girl I do enjoy a good Monk-Brewed Beer!! Ha ha. Seriously though – you will not be disappointed.

This past weekend I went to a new spot in my hometown. The Lost Dutchman opened not too long ago but this was my first time checking out their ever-changing selection of beer. After a few samples (sampled a Berliner-Weiss, interesting!!) I settled on a selection from Six Rivers Brewery in one of my favorite little towns – Arcata. They offer a great selection of beers and I highly recommend their stuff.  Saturday I ordered their Macadamia Nut Nitro Porter and oh man – it was super smooth, creamy and had a fantastic, mildly nutty flavor. I will most definitely return for one of these pints, as it was like a fine dessert.

I don’t know if you enjoy beer, but if you do check out some of the brands I’ve mentioned (in no way affiliated, just a fan) and see for yourself. I think you’ll be pleased with all of them. Prost!


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