Rain, Rain, Go Away

It’s raining again. I know I shouldn’t be complaining about rain given the state of the water supplies in California – but not too long ago we had so much water from storms that the Dam harnessing water from Oroville Lake that the overflow spillway had to be used for the first time in 40 or so years. The spillway wasn’t in the least bit prepared and, thus, drama ensued. Major evacuations, clogged highways, full hotels/motels and shelters happened. When the rain stopped and the damage was assessed fully it was not pretty. Still isn’t.

Thankfully the lake level has dropped to a manageable level but more rain just adds to the concerns about the event occurring again. And I think we’re all just a little bit ready for some spring weather and sunshine. It’s been a long and chilly winter for most of the U.S. I just heard that the snow-pack in the Sierra’s (it feeds the local waterways) is 164% of normal as of today. That’s gonna be a lot of water when it melts. Adding rain to the mix is like gasoline to a fire. Creeks in the area are running very high and people are nervous, especially on a day like today where the rain is pretty steady and pretty hard.

So, do we need the water? Maybe. Are we ready for the rain to stop for the year? Absolutely. I, for one, need a new umbrella and would rather not buy one for the (hopeful) last storm of the season.

From water-drenched Chico I wish you a wonderful Thursday!


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