Gluten, my enemy? Say it isn’t so!!

The horror! It appears that I am, in fact, sensitive to gluten. It doesn’t cause severe abdominal pain, or the nastiness that those afflicted with Celiac Disease deal with (and I feel for them!), but the ramifications are severe enough for me to finally put two and two together and begin a gluten challenge.

What does that mean? It means no products containing gluten for me for at least a month. After 30-days I will re-introduce a small amount of gluten containing food into my diet (just one thing!) and see what happens. I suspect I know what will happen. My heart will begin beating really hard, I will itch a bit, and I will become congested. That is what is happening now.

This makes me sad for a variety of reasons (one of which I wrote about in an earlier post) but the challenge is kind of exciting. I went gluten free on purpose one other time and I have to admit that I felt pretty darn good. Why I re-introduced gluten even after feeling so good is anyone’s guess. Probably because I wanted a beer and, well, beer contains gluten. Good beer anyway. So does good bread. And I’m a sucker for bread.

So, as I begin this “challenge”, knowing full well what the outcome is going to be, I am reminding myself of how great I’m going to feel in just a few days (it really is fairly quick, thankfully) and how fun it will be to spiralize more and enjoy zoodles with my pasta sauce instead of the regular semolina noodles I typically eat. I will thank myself for forgoing bread, pasta, etc. when my joints don’t ache and my clothes fit a little bit better. Most of all I will be thankful that even if I do end up sensitive to gluten, the possibilities are endless as to what I CAN eat and enjoy. And THAT is a blessing.


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  1. I thought the same and it turns out wheat alone is my issue. Is amazing how much better I feel! I wish I hadn’t waited so long to look at my diet for my well-being.


    1. I’m curious to see what exactly is the culprit. And I know I’ll feel better, like you do. So glad you figured it out and are feeling good. Nothing better than that!

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