My Love Affair with Memes

I don’t know where the first meme came from or who created it other than I know that someone out there in the interwebs has the same smart-ass personality I do. I LOVE memes. I don’t think I can be more clear about that. When I need a laugh I know all I need to do is get on Pinterest and browse my page. Pinterest knows me well and my feed is littered with enough funnies to keep me chuckling for a while.

The funny thing about memes (and some people) is that they say what we all think, but don’t want to actually say out loud. Memes have no filter and for those of us with a filter they are refreshingly honest snippets of human interaction laced with a huge dose of sarcasm and foul language (not all but many of the good ones!).

I recommend, if you aren’t familiar with the wide array of memes out there, to go to Pinterest and search “Funny Memes”. The results will brighten your day and have you wondering which friend you can forward each meme to. All while laughing at the sheer hilarity of each one.

Have a wonderful evening and I hope you enjoy memes as much as I do!


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