Oh For the Love of COFFEE!!

I am a newbie to coffee. How new? Well, let’s see – tomorrow will be one week. ONE WEEK!

I’ve spent my life hating even the smell of the coffee aisle at the grocery store but my desire to stop drinking diet soda (Diet Dr. Pepper was my crack) led me first to Chico Chai Lattes and then to iced coffee. And now, after a mere 6 days I am hooked! Totally in love. I wonder how I went so long thinking coffee was nasty. What in the world was I thinking? I think the years of drinking progressively darker beer allowed my taste buds to slowly acclimate to the flavor of coffee. I can’t think of any other reason (maturity maybe?) that would allow me to so readily accept that which just last year I thought was really nasty (I apologize to those of you that cannot function without coffee, but I really did think it was horrific tasting).

So, now, my addiction to soda is gone. Completely gone I tell ya! But now, I want the coffee. It must be iced and it must contain organic half & half or whole milk. I actually find myself craving it.

From one addiction to another. Luckily for me I am able to hold myself to just two nice iced coffees a day. For now.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m off to shop for coffee!


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