It Isn’t Just Graduation Anymore.

I fondly remember graduating high school. It was a big deal – I was done with the kid stuff and was moving on to college. Our school had a grad party put on by parents and the family all gathered for the event. It was cool.

Fast forward 30 years and my son has three weeks left in high school. Along with a Sober Grad Night Party that parents put on, purchase all supplies for and chaperone, his graduating class has the following events scheduled for graduates:

  • Senior Banquet
  • Senior Photo
  • Senior Awards Night
  • Senior Picnic
  • Senior Slideshow
  • Senior Sunset (where they gather to watch the sun set)


I am sure I sound pessimistic. I’m not, I promise you. My husband even occasionally calls me Pollyanna. I think the latest email from my son’s school just put me over the edge as the list of commitments and dollar signs added up. I don’t know about my kid – but I am certainly feeling overwhelmed by it all.

I guess Mother of the Year is off the table.


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