A Month of Rosaries

May is the month of Mary. In the many Marian apparitions verified by the Vatican the one consistent request Mary made of those she blessed with her presence was the plea to pray the Rosary.

If you’re Catholic you likely were taught early how to pray the Rosary and were asked during sacrament preparation to memorize the mysteries of the Rosary. But how often do Catholics really pray the Rosary? For most they bumble through the prayer at the Rosary Vigil the night before a Catholic Funeral Mass and no other time in the year.

For others it is a prayer they say daily to ground them in their faith and to be obedient to Mother Mary as her son, our God, has asked us to do.

My guess is that a large portion of Catholics fall somewhere in between the daily and once a year folks. That is certainly where my spouse Hal and I sit. During Lent we said the Rosary together daily and it was wonderful. If you have never recited the Rosary with a partner (each with the lead and response tasks) I highly recommend it.

Hal and I vowed that we were going to keep it going throughout all of May but somehow, regardless of our good intentions, it did not happen. Somehow Mary fell prey to the demands of children, homework, school and family activities that took us outside our house. In all honestly, NOTHING should come before my faith. God is what my life revolves around – even when I’m complaining about inconsequential irritations. I know this – yet I fail to acknowledge Him as often as I should. I pray often, thanking God for the blessings he’s given me and asking him to keep my friends and family safe. I offer up my pain to the souls in Purgatory that are in most need of His mercy.

But am I honoring my most gracious Mother by meditating on the Rosary? No. And for that I will take my guilt with me right to the confessional and vow to honor not only my Lord and my God, but the Mother whose obedience to God is a lesson for us all.

The picture included is my favorite Rosary. It is from Italy, and was blessed by Pope John Paul II. It belonged to my Grandmother and is a treasured item in my household. I hope that if you have a Rosary it means as much to you as mine means to me.

Now, go pray!


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