Staycation with Children

Last week I stayed home. Took 40 hours of vacation and spent the hottest week of the year so far with my two sons. My sons are 6 years apart in age and their compatibility waxes and wanes as they hit various stages in their lives. Right now they are in their “wane” stage and really don’t interact much because their interests are nowhere near the same.

So, as you can imagine (and I’m sure many of you have similar situations in your homes), finding activities, movies, even food that they both enjoy can be a challenge. It’s like having two only children in the house and frankly, it kind of sucks. It certainly makes spending time with them challenging because it seems to be either one or the other and never both.

There are two things I found that my boys agree on and are apparently ageless. Breakfast out and swimming when it is hot. These were two activities that I could offer to my boys and they BOTH jumped at the chance to join me. Every single time.

I don’t know how long this is going to last – but for now I’m going to enjoy it and while I’m home for the next 5 days with them I will make sure that at least once I will make sure we go out to breakfast together and that we go swimming together. If I can get more than once I will take it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July and perhaps you, too, are getting a few extra days off to enjoy summer. If so – be safe but have fun.

Until next time . . .


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