I’m not typically an alarmist, or a drama-queen. It’s just not who I am. BUT, with that said, I do get angry, especially when lied to.

Now I know that we (consumers) are lied to all the time by the government, by big business, big pharma, etc. but usually there isn’t anything personally that we can do to show our displeasure. This post is about how I am taking a stand right now and why.

If you haven’t watched What the Health (available on Netflix) yet I urge you to do so. It is not just another “this is where your food comes from, stop eating meat and get a clue” documentaries. It is so. much. more.

WTH (it’s so great that I can use this acronym for the title of the film as it’s super appropriate) is about a youngish guy with a family history of cardiac issues. He decides to be proactive rather than just follow the path laid out by his dad and granddad. “Is there some way I won’t be just like them?” he asks. WTH is a documentary about what he found out when he went in search of what he could do to possibly not become a statistic like so many all over America and the world do.

Bottom line is that the author of the documentary found out that meat (any and all animal products) cause and exacerbate those issues that chronically plague Americans. Meat is a Level II carcinogen. I had no clue! Meat can exacerbate diabetes and heart health, but  all recommendations from the government tell us that meat is part of a healthy diet.

So, with dozens of studies that have proven the benefits of a plant-based diet in his hand the author of the documentary begin looking at the agencies Americans donate to in an effort to find a cure for cancer, diabetes and heart-disease. What he found was disturbing. Not only do the agencies that are supposed to be helping NOT help, they actually provide information on a healthy “diet” on their respective websites that include all types of meat. When questioned not one could explain why the disconnect. One doctor did agree to meet – but that meeting didn’t end well. I was actually a little embarrassed by the interaction.

So then the question was, “why are these organizations touting meat as healthy when they know it’s not!?”. The question became clear when in the Google search bar he typed, American Cancer Society sponsor. Who was listed there? You would be right if you guessed all the companies that stand to make money off a fat and sick population or a population that believes lies it’s being told. I’m talking ConAgra, Merckx, Tyson. You get the picture now, right?

The organizations that tell me they are looking out for me and my health and that ask for donations to “find a cure” are actually buddying up to the exact entities that are making Americans fat and sick. These companies are making money off of me, like I am some guinea pig ripe for the picking. Well, no more. I watched WTH and was so angry that right then and there I vowed to not eat meat again. Period. Not only was it bad for me, but it was making others rich, on the back of my health issues!

I have now been enjoying a plant-based, whole-food diet for a month and not only do I feel better (like way, way better), but I have more energy, my joints do not hurt (this was huge for me, as I have been in pain for 5 years every day from Lupus and Fibromyalgia) and I’ve lost 16lbs!

Please, watch What The Health and think about what the documentary is showing you. Go do your own research. It’s there, on the internet for anyone to read. Then decide what you want to do. Maybe you’ll continue doing what you do now and feel fine. But maybe, like me, you’ll decide to take a stand and will feel better for it. I hope you do.




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