Hair Today, Gray Tomorrow

I grew up the child of a hairdresser. What this meant was always having good product in the house, free haircuts, colors and special occasion hairdo’s at no cost. The amount of money I’ve saved over the course of my 51 years is HUGE. My mother helped me save for retirement without even knowing it!

I also grew up in a family with a natural propensity to gray early. We’re talking the very late teens and early twenties. No bueno. So, when I got my first few gray hairs at the age of about 22 I started coloring my hair. It was free, convenient and it helped me maintain a youthful appearance.

Fast-forward 25 years. I decided to stop coloring and allow my hair to return to its normal color – which was, as I found out, basically completely salt and pepper. At the age of 46 this isn’t what I ever imagined I’d be faced with. But I embraced it. Until someone in a store wrongly assumed I was my youngest son’s grandmother. GRANDMOTHER!!! I was speechless (which is rare, just ask my husband). I may have grayish hair but I sport no wrinkles or other signs of being a grandma. While it is completely possibly that I could’ve been a grandmother at my age, I wasn’t and didn’t appreciate being told I looked like my kid’s grandma and not mother. I was offended and even if not rightly so, I was, just the same. I immediately called my mother and told her I needed color. Stat.

I’m now 51. My mother retired a few months back and when she did I swore I’d no longer color my hair. I don’t want her to do my hair anymore because I want her to enjoy the retirement she worked so hard for. So, my hair is salt and pepper. My youngest son is now 12 and I probably look like I am his grandmother but you know what? I’ve decided that not only am I adult enough to handle whatever someone dishes out I also don’t care. I like my hair color in all its fabulous two-toneness and I also like being 51 with a 12 year old. So sue me.

The only sad part is it took me this long to get here. But I made it. And I’m happy about it. And perhaps with the money I will save NOT paying to have my hair colored I can retire just a bit earlier.

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!


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