About Me

I am a freewheeling Catholic Mom who LOVES to cook. I am married, have two children and work full-time in Academic Personnel for a state university.

I love good beer and some wine. I’m a newbie wine drinker so I’m learning what is good and what isn’t. But beer? Oh boy, I know about beer. I live in the town where Sierra Nevada Beer is based.

My oldest son is high-functioning autistic. Used to be called Asperger’s but I guess times have changed and now it’s just “Autism Spectrum”. He is amazing and you will see posts about him and my younger boy – who is neuro typical. They are my pride and joy!

I have an opinion, I don’t have a problem sharing it and then moving on. I don’t like drama and don’t need it in my life. I like to be happy, to laugh with my family and friends and just try to be a good person.

Come back and read my posts often. You’ll like them. I promise.

You can thank me later.